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An affordable vehicle is what a lot of our customers are looking for when they walk through our doors here in Havre de Grace. We understand that a lot of the brand new vehicles on our lot are very much out of your budget. We’re still very dedicated to helping each person who comes to our dealership to find a car they can afford. Because of this, we have a very affordable used inventory that you can look through. We have various makes and models of vehicles on our used lot, and we’re always bringing new additions to our inventory. In addition to saving a lot of money upfront, there are many benefits that come along with buying a used vehicle.


There tends to be a reputation around used vehicles. A lot of people think they’re unreliable because they have been driven before. While this might be true for a small percentage of the used vehicle market, you won’t see a single unreliable automobile on our lot at any time. We have our service team inspect each used vehicle that we require. They must determine that a car is reliable and trustworthy if we are going to go ahead and sell it. If it turns out that there’s something wrong with the vehicle, they will go ahead and make necessary repairs with OEM parts. In many cases, the used car you’re purchasing is coming with several brand new parts and updates for your drive around Perry Hall.

Vast Selection

To provide you with a large number of affordable options, we maintain a very vast selection of used vehicles on our lot. We have several different models from numerous manufacturers. Most of the cars we have are from the past few years, but you’ll find different trim levels and options with each vehicle. You’ll have a hard time narrowing down all of your options for a new ride in Aberdeen.

If you would like to find out more about the used vehicles that we have on our lot right now, give us a call. We can see what we currently have in stock for you to test drive around Edgewood and White Marsh. We change our inventory frequently. Feel free to stop back often. We can also assist with any financial issues or questions that you may have.

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