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Whether you’re new to Maryland or you’ve lived in Maryland your whole life, you probably know about Maryland winters. Snow, slush, rain, and ice are all possibilities. With that said, drivers will likely want to prepare their vehicle to handle winter conditions. From winter tires to getting a general inspection to switching your windshield wiper fluid to the de-icer version; our team is ready to help prepare your vehicle for winter!
What’s the Deal with Tires?
Winter tires, studded tires, all-season tires – they’re all winter capable, but which one is suited for you? It’s a reasonable question, and we’ll start with all-season tires. There are a few notable differences between all-season tires and winter tires but one main difference is material. All-season tires are made with materials that are meant to stand up to mild temperatures. When your tires stiffen from the cold, they provide less traction, causing drivers to potentially have less control while on the roads. Another element that separates the two tires is tread styling. All-season tires are designed to, well – perform in all-season conditions. All-season tires straddle the line between summer and winter tires. Their tread is designed to deal with snow and water dispersion but not at an excessive level. Enter Winter tires: with deep, aggressive tread design and the ability to maintain its structure in extremely cold temperatures, winter tires are built for the snow and cold. What’s the deal with studded tires? Are they the same as winter tires? The short answer is no. Winter tires are not the same as studded tires because studded tires have studs! Studs are metal protuberances that are embedded in the tire for improved traction. Studded tires are particularly well suited for icy road conditions. Beyond the studs, the compound makeup of studded tires is slightly different, making for tougher, firmer tires.
Additional Winter Preparations Tips
Our service team can help with more than just the tire side of winter preparation! Another important aspect that drivers might want to consider is ensuring their battery is in proper shape. Corrosion build up can leave your battery in questionable shape. If you’ve checked your battery recently and have noticed a buildup of corrosion, you likely want to take your vehicle in for a checkup. Drivers may want to consider an oil, coolant, and anti-free change. When the temperature drops below zero, rest easy knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly serviced and is prepared to handle the situation.
The Bob Bell Chevrolet of Bel Air Team of Professionals!
Whether you know you want to purchase a set of winter tires or you’re just looking to get your vehicle inspected, stop by our dealership! From service and parts to finance and sales, our team of experts is ready to assist drivers with nearly every aspect of their automotive needs. If you’re thinking you might be looking to trade in your current vehicle for a new or used vehicle, our team can help! But, if you’re looking to get your vehicle squared away for the onslaught of the winter months, we can help too! Visit our dealership today to find a set of tires that meet your needs. From winter to studs to all-season; we can assist drivers with any and all. Visit our dealership located just a short distance outside of Baltimore in Bel Air, MD and experience the Bob Bell Chevrolet of Bel Air experience today!

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